Charles A. Uyleman President

Charles retired as a Master Sergeant from the United States Marine Corps after 23 years of services to our country.  He has over 15 years’ experience with providing an extensive and diverse range of Graphic Installation services.  A retired Marine and the President of Devil Dog Installations, Charles leads his troops in the field, and holds relationships and commitment as pivotal in accomplishing every mission for his clients.  Charles enjoys golfing, boating season and his dogs (CoCo and Remy).  Semper Fidelis!

Rebecca Uyleman Vice President/Marketing

Rebecca holds a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism specialization in Public Relations from Seattle University.   She has over 12 years’ experience creating proven successes in the professional trade association, advertising, global logistics, engineering and customer service industries. Rebecca is the Vice President and Market Director for Devil Dog Installations. She leads the operations, marketing and business development for the Seattle, Washington office.  Rebecca enjoys her professional Belly Dance career, very extended Family and Friends, anything Italian, Xtreme Boot Camp, Kickboxing, and staying Devil Dog Fit.

Socorro Installer/Installation Coordinator

Socorro is Devil Dog’s first female Installer. She also serves as Devil Dog’s Installation Coordinator. She is an expert at process streamlining and has the gift of communicating and solidifying relations with a multitude of cultures and personalities. She exuberates balance and confidence with every aspect of her role. Socorro has vast experience in customer service, as well as in security. She is excited to work in a team-oriented fast paced environment while learning a new skill set. Socorro has a go-getter attitude and promotes providing a thriving work environment for the entire Devil Dog Team. She is the “pit bull” in the Company and is determined to sink her teeth into every job until it is done. Socorro’s hobbies include art, listening to music, reading, and coffee.

Eddie Installations

Eddie has over 20 years of experience with a variety of intricacies, from detailing automobiles to the installation of graphics. Eddie applies his methods to various installation projects, as well as liaising between the Installation Team and Devil Dog’s customer’s. Eddie enjoys Fishing, his Family and his Animals.

Kevin Installations

Kevin has a business degree from the University of Washington in Marketing/Minor in Human Resources. Kevin also has owned Dugan’s Home Maintenance for 20 years. Kevin loves fishing, cooking and hanging with Cooley and Dublin- his 2 chocolate Labs. Also, golfing with the boss is a good time!

Kevin C Installations

Photo and bio coming soon!

Anderson Installations

Anderson is a recent transplant in the Greater Seattle area from El Salvador. He is passionate about food, soccer and music. Anderson brings a chill attitude in all that he does and is ready to learn all he can from his fellow Devil Dogs.

Adam Installations

Photo and bio coming soon!

Jessie Installations

Photo and bio coming soon!

Luke Installations

Welcome to the Devil Dog Team! Photo and Bio coming soon.

Rand IT

Rand has been involved in creative visual arts as long as he can remember. He started designing for print in the early 90’s, and began web design when the World Wide Web was brand new. He has also worked for major and local ISP’s, honing his understanding of Internet Technology to accompany his web design skills. He has handled Devil Dog Installations design and IT from day one. Randolf enjoys music, gaming, and spending time with his family